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    The next knock on the door came at 8:21 pm, ten days after the second llama appeared.  “Good news ladies.” I said, sliding the bag down off my shoulder, and onto the ground next to me.  “Special delivery from…” I read the label.  “SmilleeSmile Llama food.” 

    “Ahhhh, Finally!”  Serena said.  “Don’t get me wrong, your grass around here is pretty tasty all things considered; but when you get a llama; you get special llama food that tailors itself to the tastes of your llamas.” She said, coming over, and liking her lips.  “And this is our shipment.” 

    Aurora stretched, and stood.  “It will taste like the finest flesh for me, and… perhaps bar food, or something similar for her.” She said with a smile. 

    “Serena?”  I asked, not blinking as I watched Aurora’s smiling form silently and calmly approach.

    “Yes?” She said, also refusing to look away as Aurora sat patiently before the bag. 

    “There are days I don’t trust her.”  I said. 

    “Oh, you should never trust me.” The wolf in llama’s clothing said, smiling even wider.  “But I’m the wolf you know about.  It’s the others that you should really fear.”

    “Serena?” I said. 

    “Yeah?” she asked. 

    “Is it just me, or did that make sense?” I asked looking at the former barmaid. 

    She turned to me as well.  “It made sense; but I prefer someone I can turn my back on.” She said. 

    We both turned back to Aurora, who was still smiling wide, though she was now wearing her wolf form.  “Can you at least agree not to eat me/maul me/sell me out until we help Serena?” I asked. 

    Aurora gave a sigh, and her smile faded to a grin.  “Alright, fine.” She said.  “But enough stalling.  Open the bag!  Give us our chow, and our daily update.”  I raised an eyebrow, and she rolled her eyes, then sighed.  Then she pulled her lips back to overemphasize as she said, “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase?”

    I nodded.  “Thank you.” I said.  Then I grabbed both their bowls, and took turns filling the bowls; starting with Aurora’s, but giving Serena just a little bit more.  Then I grabbed the stool from the back porch, and sat on it while the girls ate. 

    “So I’ve called every doctor and specialist in the area, but we don’t have enough local werefolk.” I said.  “If this were an injury, they might be able to do something for you, but even with the insane advancements in technology, magic and everything outside/in between, there isn’t enough known locally about the crossroads of magic and genetics.” I sighed.  “In other words, it’s time for a trip.”

    Serena paused, savoring her food, then chewed, and swallowed.  “What’s our destination?” 

    “Well, two of the Campuses that participated in the number crunching for the Human Genome Project are in, or around Seattle, and the University of Washington’s library is hooked into the Global Rowling Network; so I made some calls, and asked some genetics professors, doctors, and students to meet us as the U-Dub library tomorrow.  I also asked a friend from Oregon if she could bring her tribe’s shaman to meet us there.  And if any wizards passing from one library to another become intrigued and decide to chime in; then their help will be appreciated and accepted.” I said. 

    Aurora swallowed her mouthful of food, and looked up smiling again.  “My, but you are devious.  And it seems you didn’t learn from Serena’s example, with regard to dealing with wizards…” she said, trailing off. 

    “I don’t intend to kick any passing wizards down any staircases.” I told Aurora, giving her a look.  “And if they ask, then I’ll be all too happy to tell them the truth about what I’m doing and why.  And yes, that includes the part about hoping to get their attention.” 

    “So given your car’s non-llama compatibility, how do we get there?” Serena asked. 

    “I asked some of the neighbors with horse trailers, and one said that we can hitch a ride with he and his wife as they go into town.  From there we can take the bus up to the college.  Then once we’re back on our end, I figure I’ll get an uber van or something.” 

    Serena nodded.  Aurora looked like she was deep in thought though.  “So what happens if this library meeting doesn’t work out?” she asked quietly.

    “The next stop then would be California.” I said.  “There are a few more advanced genetics labs, experimental labs, and cutting edge hospitals down there; plus the Navajo and Hopi people who are both closer to werewolf experts are only a state away, in Arizona.  I’d see if they could meet us in California, or if some of the experts in California could meet us in Arizona.  Either way.  Bad comes to worse, we’ve got other advanced genetics labs which share the greater New York area with the Mohawk, which are the last American tribe that seems to have had the most dealings with were-creatures.  So if Seattle doesn’t pan out, then it’s the southwest, and if that doesn’t work out, then it’s off to New York before getting really esoteric in our searches.”

    Serena and Aurora nodded, then went back to eating their “Not-llama” food.   

    “Are you two alright?” I asked.  “There seems to be something unspoken going on here.  I realize that I don’t know much about llamas from the internet, but-”

    “Most people don’t think that hard about llamas.” Serena said.  “It’s appreciated.”  Then she paused and fidgeted.  “I just hope that we don’t disappoint you.”  She said. 

    I smiled and patted her head, then wet to Aurora, and patted her’s.  “You two have already begun to make my life interesting.  There’s no disappointment here.  Just be yourselves, and I think it will be alright.  Now, finish your food, and we’ll discuss how tomorrow’s going to go.”



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I doubt I could draw or otherwise art my way out of a wet paper bag. But writing on the other hand, I do pretty well with. So if you like what you see in my journal; or even if you hate it, feel free to leave feedback. You never know; you might even influence the story.


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